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One of the fastest ways that homeowners can increase the value of their property is by adding professional landscaping in Reston, VA. According to This Old House Magazine, if it is done well, landscaping can increase the value by 20%.

But that’s not the only advantage. Landscaping in Reston, VA, can help to control energy bills, make a yard more livable and accessible and improve the ecosystem on a person’s property.

Property Values

An Oregon study showed that homebuyers were willing to spend 11.3% over the asking price of a home if they loved the landscaping. It gives a property curb appeal, an eye-catching beauty that makes a home stand out from other properties.

Professional landscaping in Reston, VA, enhances the architectural style and exterior décor of a home. Prospective buyers who drive buy are much more likely to stop and walk through a home for sale if they are attracted by the look of the outdoors. This means homes sell faster, and for more money, which maximizes the value of a family’s biggest investment.

Energy and Ecosystems

The right landscaping in Reston, VA, can lower energy costs. Trees and shrubs can protect a home from winds and rain in winter, so less heating is required indoors. In summer, the right plantings can provide shade, which naturally cools a home’s interior.

Landscaping in Reston, VA, attracts bees and other insects and birds to the land. Beside providing entertainment for bird watchers and nature lovers, it improves the health of the property’s ecosystem. The plants are healthier and erosion is less of an issue.

Better Use of Outdoor Spaces

The right landscaping in Reston, VA, naturally and seamlessly divides a yard into zones of use. This makes it easier for children to play in one area and adults to entertain in another. One property can handle herb, vegetable and flower gardens in one spot, while children play sports in another.

Beautiful surroundings make relaxing easier in the outdoors. It provides an incentive to invite people over for outdoor entertaining and socializing.

Trust Experience

The professionals at Providence Lawn and Landscaping have been serving the community since 1990. They have the skill, training and experience to surround a home with practical beauty 12 months a year. The staff takes pride in working one-on-one with each client. They make sure homeowners are central to the design process and always consult their preferences.

Providence Lawn and Landscaping handles a wide range of outdoor services and projects, both residential and commercial, including:

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  • Reston VA Landscaping
  • Reston VA Landscaping
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