McLean VA Retaining Wall

In McLean, VA, a retaining wall adds to the overall value of a property by stabilizing the soil and freeing up more land for family activities like gardening, socializing and play. It is an erosion control method that preserves the land.

A wall also adds a decorative touch to a yard. It can tie together the disparate elements of a landscape design, enhancing the look of the property.

Accent Landscape Design

A retaining wall in McLean, VA, can be built from a wide range of materials, including bricks, dry stone and boulders, gabion, wood, fieldstone, stone veneer, pavers and concrete blocks. These provide a huge source of ideas for creative design because each material offers different colors, sizes, shapes and textures.

In McLean, VA, a retaining wall can be built into terraces, which provide extra gardening space. They can also be a focal point for an overall yard design. The walls provide an accent for water elements and herb gardens and a backdrop for walkways and patios. They can be used to divide the property into zones of use

Save the Soil

A retaining wall in McLean, VA, stops erosion. It provides the necessary underpinnings to stop soil movement on hillsides or as part of a sloped landscape design. Because they stabilize the ground, they are often the necessary first step before hardscapes can be added to a yard. By constructing a retaining wall first, it becomes safe to build walkways, gardens, driveways, outdoor kitchens and patios.

Retaining walls are complicated structures that need precise design and engineering. They must be placed in the right location to do any good. A wall must be professionally planned and installed to withstand the constant pressure of soil, water and gravity. If the wall is poorly installed, it can collapse, tip, shift or break apart. The result is a complete waste of money, costly repairs and even hazardous situations.

Trust Experience

The professionals at Providence Lawn and Landscape have over 25 years experience planning, designing and building retaining walls. They have the training and hands-on expertise to build a wall that lasts. Serving the community since 1990, Providence has earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship. They understand the engineering and the aesthetic design that are part of a successful retaining wall.

The team at Providence takes pride in providing excellent customer service. They work one-on-one with each client, keeping them in the loop about design, deadlines and budget considerations. They can help homeowners choose the best material for a retaining wall so it fits in with the overall landscape design.

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