McLean VA Landscaping

Landscaping in McLean, VA, adds value to a home for the people living in it and to the property as a whole. The result is a property with greater livability and curb appeal. The right landscape design makes it easy to use the yard for a variety of activities, from gardening to playing, from relaxing to entertaining.

Since a home is most owner’s most valuable asset, it makes sense to do whatever possible to increase its worth. Landscaping in Great Falls, VA, has been shown to add 20% to the worth of a property, according to This Old House Magazine.

Attract More Buyers

Home buyers tend to be jaded after multiple tours through homes and yards that don’t have what they are looking for. That’s why the greater the curb appeal of a home, the more offers it gets. When buyers drive by and see landscaping in Great Falls, VA, that catches their eye, they are more likely to stop and tour the house. And according to a study done in Oregon, buyers are willing to spend 11.3% over the asking price if they love the landscaping.

Get More Usability

Family members use the yard for a variety of activities. Kids play tag, teens play ball, adults garden, socialize and seek quiet spots to rest and refuel. With proper landscaping in Great Falls, VA, these activities can be done at the same time in a single yard. Skilled landscape designers know how to divide a yard into zones of use, so people can easily share the same space without getting in each others way.

Improve the Environment

Every yard has its own ecosystem, a mix of the soil, air, water and plants. Professional landscaping in Great Falls, VA, can improve the ecology of a yard by attracting more birds and bees and other insects. A nice side effect is its entertainment value for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

The right landscape design can also control erosion and reduce drainage problems. Noise from the street can be reduced. Energy bills tend to be lower in homes with landscaping. Trees and bushes are positioned in such a way to protect the home from wind and storms in winter and provide shade in summer. That means less air conditioning and heating is necessary.

Over a Quarter Century of Experience

The professionals at Providence Lawn and Landscape have been serving the community since 1990. They have the skill, training and experience to design the most effective landscape for a wide range of terrains, soils and locations. They have earned a reputation for listening to each client and making landscape dreams into reality.

Providence Lawn and Landscape handles a range of residential and commercial outdoor projects, including:

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  • McLean VA Landscaping
  • McLean VA Landscaping
  • McLean VA Landscaping
  • McLean VA Landscaping
  • McLean VA Landscaping
  • McLean VA Landscaping
  • McLean VA Landscaping

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