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5 Big Advantages to Choosing a Flagstone Patio

There is a reason that the flagstone patio in McLean, VA, has become so popular. As a home improvement, it offers a high return on investment to homeowners. These beautiful patios look one-of-a-kind because the stones are available in such a wide variety of color and shapes.

The finished patio is a standout when compared to standard concrete patios, or those made from many other materials. Homebuyers love their eye-catching look, durability and easy maintenance.

Here is a closer look at 5 big advantages that come with getting professional design and construction of a flagstone patio in McLean, VA.

It’s Beautiful

Flagstone gives your outdoor living space an organic look, one that is all-natural. Nothing about it says man-made. It has an upscale effect on the look of your home’s exterior. It is elegant and stylish, yet warm and inviting. It gives your eating area an earthy look with its natural browns, reds, blues and grays.

A flagstone patio in McLean, VA, primarily uses sandstone, slate or limestone. Each stone has developed its own markings, colors and patterns over the centuries that is has existed. When different stones are blended into a patio design by a professional who understands the potential of flagstone, the overall effect is unique and attention grabbing.

It’s Long Lasting

It’s made of stone, so your flagstone patio in McLean, VA, has built-in longevity. These patios last for 50 years or more. Even in very high temperatures or in areas that go through a cycle of freezing, then thawing, the stones never lose their good looks. They don’t corrode like other materials can in weather extremes. They don’t expand and contract, like so many materials, so they last and last.

One of the most appreciated benefits that comes with installing a flagstone patio is the fact that it has a naturally slip-resistant surface. The slightly rough texture gives people traction even in rain and melting snow.

It’s Easy to Maintain

A flagstone patio in McLean, VA, needs very little work to keep its good looks. That means you aren’t working on upkeep on nice weekends.

Basically they need to be swept occasionally to get rid of leaves and other debris. If the patio becomes dirty, using a pressure washer will return it to its pristine state.

This is a big selling point with homebuyers. They don’t like to invest in features that require a lot of work, time and money to maintain.

It Has Variety

There are two main design styles for a flagstone patio in McLean, VA, informal and formal. Each has its own charm that is suitable for specific types of architectural look and the homeowner’s entertaining style.

Informal flagstone patios are made from stones of irregular shapes and sizes. These are arranged in a random pattern. Because each stone can have a distinctive shading and pattern, this means the end result is truly one-of-a-kind.

A formal flagstone patio is created with cut stones that are set out in a repeating pattern. It looks warm but also conservative in style.

Both styles need the expertise of a skilled, experienced contractor who knows how to bring out the beauty and design potential of the stones.

It Has Curb Appeal

Homebuyers love to get a home that is the talk of the neighborhood. A property with distinctive outdoor features gives it automatic flair. A beautiful flagstone patio in McLean, VA, can be a real conversation starter.

These patios are not the cheapest certainly. But they are considered a good investment by homeowners because they add so much curb appeal when it is time to sell. This can be important when it is a buyer’s market. The home with something special to offer is the one that gets multiple offers and gets bought quickly.

When the work is done by a creative professional with hands-on experience, a flagstone patio in McLean, VA, is a work of art that lasts for decades. It takes very little effort to keep it looking as good as it did when first installed.

Work with Professionals

As you can see, a flagstone patio in McLean, VA, offers a host of advantages. But it needs to be installed by a professional if you want the work done right. The crew at Providence Lawn and Landscape are pros when it comes to working with flagstone and for patio design and construction. They have been serving the local community since 1990, over a quarter of a century.

In that time, they have earned a reputation for working directly with clients, finding out just what they want and providing the patio, or other hardscape, that they dream of. The pros at Providence ask questions and really listen to the answers. They know that a flagstone patio in McLean, VA, is a major investment, one that will last a lifetime. It is important to know just what you expect and what you can afford.

The team at Providence takes pride in working with a range of budgets and delivering their projects on time. They are known for dependability, competitive pricing, excellent communication and customer service, and quality craftsmanship. They have a wide selection of materials for clients to choose from, offering the widest possible choice of design options.

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