Great Falls VA Retaining Wall

A retaining wall in Great Falls, VA, adds value to a property by making more land usable for family activities and by controlling erosion. It also provides an attractive accent for many landscape design elements.

4 Benefits of a Retaining Wall

The purpose of a retaining wall in Great Falls, VA, is to stabilize a slope by providing essential underpinning for shifting ground. These walls hold back the soil, gravel and fill so it stays in one place. Here are four ways a retaining wall can help a yard.

Stops erosion. A retaining wall in Great Falls, VA, that is engineered by professionals keeps soil in place. Too often the soil can shift due to rains, melting snow and ice and in a windstorm.

Levels hilly areas. A wall evens out sloping area. It can be terraced, making previously unusable areas available for gardens.

Makes it safe to build hardscapes. When a retaining wall is installed, the area is safe for building a driveway, patio, walkway or outdoor kitchen. Without the wall, there is the constant threat of the hill sliding down and ruining the structure.

Adds accents and beauty. Retaining walls enhance the look of a landscape. They can be built with a wide range of materials, including fieldstone, wood, bricks, gabion, dry stone and boulders, stone veneer, concrete blocks and pavers. These provide such a choice of textures, colors, styles and sizes that the design possibilities are endless.

Engineering Counts

In Great Falls, VA, a retaining wall built by professionals will last for decades with minimal upkeep. It needs expert engineering in order to work because it must resist pressure from gravity, soil and water on an ongoing basis. It needs the proper drainage and placement and must be built using precise methods.

A retaining wall is a complicated structure. It needs builders with the knowledge and skill to do it right. Otherwise it can shift, tip, slide or collapse. The result is wasted money and costly repairs.

Work with Experts

Providence Lawn and Landscape has 25 years of experience building retaining walls for residents and business in the local community. The pros at Providence are retaining wall experts, with the training and expertise to design, place and construct a wall that lasts.

Providence has been in business since 1990. During that time they have earned a reputation for excellent customer service, superior materials and quality craftsmanship. They take pride in working closely with clients so that the final construction reflects the expectations and meets the needs of each family. They work with a range of budgets and deliver each project on time.

Providence Lawn and Landscaping handles a variety of outdoor projects, both residential and commercial, including:

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