Great Falls VA Flagstone Patio

Why Choose a Flagstone Patio?

Choosy homeowners love the look of a flagstone patio in Great Falls, VA. It is elegant, upscale and inviting. Made with a choice of slate, sandstone or limestone, these hardscapes last for years with a minimum of upkeep.

A flagstone patio in Great Falls, VA, isn’t the cheapest choice, but owners feel they are definitely cost effective. They have a high return on investment because they add so much curb appeal to a home.

Here is a look at the benefits of installing a flagstone patio in Great Falls, VA.


When you want your home to stand out, choose flagstone for your patio in Great Falls, VA. It has an organic, natural look that adds an upscale look to your property. Both elegant and practical, flagstones give any yard an earthy, rustic touch with their warm reds, browns, blues and browns.

A flagstone patio in Great Falls, VA, is usually made from a choice of limestone, sandstone or slate. Each stone has its own natural pattern, finish and colors. When mixed and matched by a professional who knows how to work with the stone, the effect is stunning.

No two pieces of flagstone look the same. They all come with their own markings, which developed over the centuries. When you choose a mix of colors and tones for your patio, the effect is distinctive and one-of-a-kind.


A flagstone patio in Great Falls, VA, lasts for 50 years or more. It won’t corrode or lose its beauty even in high temperatures or freeze-and-thaw cycles. These stones have made it through millennia before making it your patio, and they will continue to last for many years to come, looking attractive the entire time. Flagstone doesn’t expand and contract when the temperature changes, which adds to their durability.

A very practical feature of a flagstone patio in Great Falls, VA, is the fact that it has natural slip resistance. This is due to its rough surface texture that gives traction even in rain and melting snow conditions.

Little Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about spending the summer maintaining your beautiful flagstone patio in Great Falls, VA. These stones need very little upkeep. Just sweep them when leaves and debris build up. If dirt becomes problem, using a pressure washer will solve it.


A natural stone patio will always cost more than a paver or concrete one. But it is a cost-effective choice because it adds substantial curb appeal to a home. Homebuyers list a patio as one of the Top 10 features they look for when house hunting. But they don’t want just any patio. It must be one that is eye-catching and inviting. They also don’t want to spend lots of time keeping it up.

That’s why a flagstone patio shines. It has an upscale look. Its warm colors invite people to linger over tea to chat in the afternoon and over wine in the evening to discuss the day’s events. It is easy to keep looking attractive and lasts for years and years. This type of all-purpose curb appeal is hard to find. Homebuyers are willing to pay more for it, which adds to the overall value of your biggest investment, your home.

Types of Flagstone Patios

There are two types of designs for a flagstone patio in Great Falls, VA. The first is called formal. It is made of cut stones that are set into a repeating pattern. The effect is warm but controlled.

The second design is called informal. These stones are irregular shapes and sizes. They are arranged in a random pattern that gives the patio a one-of-a-kind look.

Professional Installation

Using flagstones for both designs is complicated. It takes a professional with years of hands-on experience selecting, cutting and arranging them to do the job properly.

These stones have uneven surfaces and a range of thicknesses. To construct a usable patio requires preparing the surface correctly and cutting them accurately. If the work isn’t done right, the stones can break.

If the soil isn’t prepared properly, the finished patio can be unstable, and therefore unusable. If one flagstone becomes damaged, it can affect the others around it. This gets expensive, adding to the final cost. It makes more sense to choose experienced craftspeople who know how to do the job right the first time.

Work with Experts

The professionals here at Providence Lawn and Landscape have years of experience in all areas of landscape and hardscape work. We understand how to get the most from flagstone’s possibilities, designing and installing a usable, beautiful patio that adds value to your home.

We have been serving the local community since 1990, helping homes and businesses make the most of their outdoor living spaces. In that time, we have earned a reputation for attention to detail and really listening to the needs and preferences of each client.

We are known for our dependability and competitive pricing. With a wide choice of materials on hand, we can build the hardscape you dream of. We offer creative design, quality workmanship and great customer service.

Here are Providence Lawn and Landscape, we are proud to offer a full line of outdoor project expertise and services, both residential and commercial, including:

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