Fairfax Station VA Retaining Wall

A retaining wall in Fairfax Station, VA, keeps soil in place so it doesn’t slide down the slope, damaging patios and other structures. It opens up hilly areas of a property that weren’t usable before the wall was installed.

The professionals at Providence Lawn and Landscape point out that a retaining wall in Fairfax Station, VA, has a dual role. It can act as both an erosion control device and a focal point in an overall landscape design, pulling it all together into a cohesive whole.

Form and Function

A retaining wall in Fairfax Station, VA, protects the land while enhancing its look. It holds back soil so it doesn’t wash downhill in the rain, when snow and ice melt or during a windstorm. It provides stability to the hillside so homeowners can safely and confidently build a patio, driveway, walkway or other hardscape.

In addition, they provide a beautiful addition to a landscape design. A wide range of materials can be used, including concrete blocks, stone veneer, fieldstone, brick, wood, dry stone and boulders, pavers and gabion. All of these materials provide a variety of textures, colors, sizes and styles to work with. The design possibilities are endless.

Retaining walls can outline walkways, divide a property into zones of use and create terraces on a slope. Terraces allow gardeners to plant on otherwise inaccessible areas, increasing the usable space.

First the Wall, then the Driveway

Why should a homeowner with hilly terrain on his property install a retaining wall in Fairfax Station, VA, first, before adding the patio or walkway? Because without the wall, the structure will be in danger. During a storm, runoff can cause the soil to move, cascading down the slope and overwhelming the driveway or patio.

It makes financial sense to fix the source of the potential problem before adding any sort of hardscape like a walkway, patio, outdoor kitchen or driveway. A retaining wall stabilizes the area, and at the same time makes it more accessible.

Trust Experience

Providence Lawn and Landscape has been doing business in the local community since 1990. The company has earned a reputation for quality workmanship, superior materials and excellent customer services. The team at Providence takes pride in working with a range of budgets and meeting deadlines.

With over 25 years of experience, they are retaining wall experts. They can help a homeowner choose the best material for the wall so it fits in with the rest of the landscape. They have the expertise to handle its placement, design and construction.

Providence Lawn and Landscape provides a number of outdoor services and hardscapes to homeowners and businesses, including:

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