Fairfax Station VA Landscaping

In the short term, landscaping in Fairfax Station, VA makes a home more beautiful, relaxing and even efficient. Over the long term, investing in landscaping increases the value of a home and property.

The experts at Providence Lawn and Landscape point out that it can add 20% to a home’s value when it is time to sell. It adds curb appeal that makes a house more attractive to prospective buyers.

Curb Appeal and Livability

A home with creative landscaping design in Fairfax Station, VA attracts the eye of homebuyers. It increases a property’s value, maximizing the investment of the owners. Homes with attractive landscaping sell more quickly and get more offers.

A property that has been landscaped and well maintained is a pleasure to use. It makes it easy to decide to invite people over to enjoy the outdoors with family members. Children enjoy playing in their own yard when it is well planned and kept up.

Landscaping in Fairfax Station, VA, using a range of shrubs, trees, grasses and flowers, attracts wildlife to a yard. Birds, squirrels and insects make their home in these plants, increasing the health of the ecosystem in the yard. Watching them is fun for adults and children. The right landscaping provides a haven for urban wildlife and shelter from predators.

Lower Energy Consumption

One of the under-appreciated benefits of landscaping in Fairfax Station, VA, is better energy consumption, which reduces energy bills all year round.

Well thought out plantings planned by professionals can protect a home from harsh winds and storms in winter, while providing shade during the warmer months. All of this reduces the need for heating and cooling.

Landscaping in Fairfax Station, VA, also is good for the environment. It helps to protect water supplies and reduces air pollution. It can protect people in the home from noise pollution from the street. Trees, shrubs and ground covers also are excellent ways to control erosion.

Work with Experts

The professionals at Providence Lawn and Landscape have been beatifying homes and businesses since 1990. Their skilled team has the experience to handle all types of design, planting and maintenance for a range of outdoor spaces. They have a reputation for careful workmanship, excellent customer service and attention to detail.

They take pride in creating livable oases that make a home and yard attractive and usable for every member of the family. The company also handles a wide range of other outdoor projects, including:

For a free, no-obligation quote for landscaping design and maintenance, call the experts at Providence Lawn and Landscape.

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  • Fairfax Station VA Landscaping
  • Fairfax Station VA Landscaping
  • Fairfax Station VA Landscaping
  • Fairfax Station VA Landscaping
  • Fairfax Station VA Landscaping
  • Fairfax Station VA Landscaping
  • Fairfax Station VA Landscaping

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