Clifton VA Retaining Wall

A retaining wall in Clifton, VA, adds value to a property by shoring up hillsides and making more space usable. It also adds beauty and can be an integral part of the overall landscape design.

A properly designed and constructed wall enhances the look of a property, providing focal points and accents for walkways, gardens and water features. At the same time, it is protecting the patio and driveway from sliding soil and providing erosion control.

Benefits of a Retaining Wall

In Clifton, VA, a retaining wall holds back soil, gravel and fill, providing essential underpinnings for a hillside or sloped area. Without the wall, any landscape design is problematic because it can easily get washed away in the next storm.

Soil on a slope can easily shift when the rains hit, ice and snow melt or during a windstorm. This wreaks havoc with both landscape and hardscapes like patios, walkways and driveways. Not having a retaining wall in Clifton, VA, can get expensive. Without one, a homeowner’s investment in his property can easily get washed away.

Retaining wall materials include pavers, brick, dry stone and boulders, gabion, stone veneer, concrete blocks, fieldstone and wood. That much variety in texture, color, style and size provides a limitless source of design ideas.

Professional Installation

In Clifton, VA, a retaining wall needs to be carefully engineered to do its job. It’s not a matter of stacking blocks on top of each other and expecting them to hold back the soil. It needs professional planning and construction.

The wall needs to resist the pressure from water, soil and gravity. That’s a big job and the pressure never lets up on the structure. To make sure it is built to last, it needs to be planned and located by experts. It needs proper drainage and precise engineering. Without these, imbalances occur that lead to structural collapse and shifting. The result is a waste of money and unusable land.

Work with Experts

The professionals at Providence Lawn and Landscape have over 25 years of experience in the design and engineering of beautiful retaining walls. They are familiar with the wide range of materials available for their construction and have the expertise to build walls that last.

Providence Lawn and Landscape is a leader in landscapes and hardscapes. They have been helping the local community with them since 1990.

The company handles a range of outdoor projects, both residential and commercial, including:

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