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Professional landscaping in Clifton, VA offers a wide range of benefits for homeowners. The biggest one is maximizing the owner’s biggest investment, his home. This Old House Magazine reports that it can boost a home’s value by 20%.

In addition, landscaping in Clifton, VA gives people better access to their yard, is good for the environment and can actually help reduce energy bills every month.

Improve the Ecology of a Yard

Well done landscaping in Clifton, VA can improve energy efficiency within the home. When the right trees and shrubs are positioned correctly, they can protect a home from wind and the elements. This keeps the home warmer in winter, reducing the need to turn up the heat. In summer, plants can shade the home so residents need to use the air conditioning less often. The result is year round savings on utility bills.

These same plants attract insects like bees and all types of birds. This is great for children, nature loves and bird watchers. It also improves the ecosystem in the yard, resulting in healthier plants and soil. Erosion is less of a problem in homes with landscaping in Clifton, VA.

Add Curb Appeal

Homebuyers see many homes when they are house hunting. They need an added inducement to get out of the car and tour the home when they drive around.

Attractive landscaping in Clifton, VA, attracts their attention. It shows that the house is well cared for and has that something extra that every buyers wants.

Get More Use from the Land

Trained landscapers know how to draw up a comprehensive plan that makes the best use of every area of a property. They divide it naturally into zones of use. Instead of interfering with each other’s activities, family members can use the yard hospitably at the same time.

Kids can play games in one spot, while adults socialize in another. Flower and vegetable gardens are safely separated from play and pet areas. This allows for greater ease in the outdoors and full use of the homeowner’s investment.

Serving the Community Since 1990

The professionals at Providence Lawn and Landscaping have been helping homeowners and business owners in the area for a quarter of a century. They have the skill, training and experience to develop workable designs that enhance the look of a home and the livability of the yard.

Providence Lawn and Landscaping handles a wide range of outdoor projects for both residences and businesses. These include:

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